Learn Why Groove is #1 in Customer Satisfaction

Groove delivers a 10X productivity boost to your most expensive and valuable resources, allowing them to spend more time building relationships and generating revenue.

  • Reduce manual data entry in Salesforce by 90%
  • Personalize 1:1 or mass flow cadences using email, calls, social touches and more
  • Collaborate on account lists across teams and divisions
  • Instantly update Salesforce without leaving Gmail or Microsoft Office 365
  • Users only see what matters for them to be more effective at their job
  • Highly-responsive, intelligent customer service and support

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Crowd Leader 2019

Groove Ranks #1 Among 41 Sales Engagement Platforms

  • 95% would recommend Groove
  • 93% say that Groove is easy to use
  • 95% say that they are happy with Groove’s customer support

Customer Testimonials

Benjamin W.

VP - Retail Group

“I have been using Groove for over a year now AND LOVE IT! The 2,500 users I support love 
it too.”

Philip M.

Salesforce Admin

“Groove is the best. Out of the 10 tools that I manage in our Sales Ops tech stack, I would consider you as the only true partner I have. Groove has saved our sales team hundreds of hours by automating the logging of our activities and interactions with prospects and clients. I highly recommend it to any sales organization looking to be an efficient well-oiled machine!”

Carline Holt

EVP of Sales Enablement

“With Groove, our AEs, AMs, and SDRs have an extremely intuitive and easy-to-use platform that they love to use every day. As a result, we have more accurate and current Salesforce data. In fact, after implementing Groove, our Salesforce data hygiene became better overnight.”