Learn Why Groove is #1 in Customer Satisfaction

Groove delivers a 10X productivity boost to your most expensive and valuable resources, allowing them to spend more time building relationships and generating revenue.

  • Reduce manual data entry in Salesforce by 90%
  • Personalize 1:1 or mass flow cadences using email, calls, social touches and more
  • Collaborate on account lists across teams and divisions
  • Instantly update Salesforce without leaving Gmail or Microsoft Office 365
  • Users only see what matters for them to be more effective at their job
  • Highly-responsive, intelligent customer service and support

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Crowd Leader 2019

Groove Ranks #1 Among 32 Sales Engagement Platforms

  • 97% would recommend Groove
  • 91% say that Groove is easy to use
  • 93% say that they are happy with Groove’s customer support

Customer Testimonials

Benjamin W.

VP - Retail Group

“I have been using Groove for over a year now AND LOVE IT! The 2,500 users I support love 
it too.”

Philip M.

Salesforce Admin

“Groove is the best. Out of the 10 tools that I manage in our Sales Ops tech stack, I would consider you as the only true partner I have. Groove has saved our sales team hundreds of hours by automating the logging of our activities and interactions with prospects and clients. I highly recommend it to any sales organization looking to be an efficient well-oiled machine!”

Robert Israch


“Groove enables all of our revenue teams to use consistent messaging that is driven from the top down by Marketing. It is an invaluable tool for aligning workflows throughout the customer lifecycle.”